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thanks for the website, love it :)


can i get that book please i'm from garland nc


Hey i'm new in this site tell me more about this site


Wirklich schöner Buchladen


Danke sehr :)


I was rewatching Twilight even though I have watched it dozens of times before. Thought, "hey does this website even exist?" and lo and behold! I found this gem. Thanks for making such a cool website.


Thank you! My pleasure :)


Hi, I want that book Named Quileute Legends i really want to read it please sell me that book please

Barsha Dash:

Hey, I want that book named Quileute Lengends. I'm so attracted to it. Please sell that book to me. I'm from India. I want to read that book. Please....

Buse Akkaya:

Thanks for website.It's really perfect, Love fro Turkey


Thank you. Best wishes from Germany.

Anushka Tambe:

I love so much Twilight.


Also my daughter has red the books now - 4 books, four nights ;-)

Anushka Tambe:

Thank you

Angela Traise:

By the way : Best wishes from Germany ;)


Hier im Harz sagen wir Moin! :)


I love Twilight ! Really cool idea of making this fake website !


Fake? Absolutely not!! *smile*

Seraphina Di Vincenzo:

Wow! I absolutely love this! Really makes you feel part of the story!

Thank you so much for making this!


Hi Seraphina, you are welcome ;-)

Louisa lizard:

wow!!! feeling myself as a part of this vampire story! :)


Thank you, Louisa!


i want to go forks twilight spot


wow!thanks this is so realistic ;)


Thank you :)

christiana owolabi:

this website is great but i need a book to make me understand the history of vampires and wolves

Jayesh jose:

At last I found this..


I can’t believe I just discovered this, it’s awesome.

Thank you so much for taking the time creating this.

Lots of love from Mexico.


Hi Cecilia, thank you very much and best wishes from Germany.


Thanks for doing this great website!

Greetings from Germany


Das freut mich. Lieber Gruß, Jens


Thanks for the little website/project

It's really fun to go back to the fandom and find stuff like this x


whos your fav twilight character?


I've no special favorite character. But I like the idea of the twilight universe. And I like the location of Forks and the Peninusula Island: nature and wood as far as you can see, thinly populated and near the Pacific Ocean.


Do you sell real books

Solar Santiago alvarez:

i would like to but this book "Quileute Legends" but i cant seem to buy it for some reson


Do you have the Quileute Legends and History book?


Hi Alondra, I wish I could. This is a fictional bookstore ;)


I feel you and I may be a similar specific type of twilight superfan...

I randomly punched in the on-screen URL when I noticed it today (after seeing that scene a million times haha) and it totally made my day to find the amazing site you've created here. Best little easter egg I could have ever hoped for.

Thanks for keeping this site alive. :)




i saw your german too but i don’t know really so i will start with english.

I just watched the twilight saga again, and googled, just for fun, the same Thing Like bella. „Quileute Legends“. First i thought i could really find books that have nothing to Do with twilight. But i didnt find anything except old fan Blogs. Then i found your Website. I first thought this is a real Book store in La Push. I really ask myself if your page was used in the movies..

I dont know if your still active and read this here. But your page is amazing and all your Tools! I loved your Pictures and your links to other pages. I also saw the map with real Pictures and the page where You showed every Building in twilight in real! Maybe i will visit them & hopfully find them with your Page! Im pretty sure Stephenie Mayer would be so proud of a fanpage like that. Im too. I hope your still active here and i get a email from you back

Your Twilighter Nils